Microwave Rain Fade Map UK

UK Rain Rate Map for Microwave

The contours of the map are for rain-rate (mm/h) exceeded for 0.01% of time.
The map is positioned in relation to the UK according to the following co-ordinates:

UK rainfall rates for planning microwave links

The map of UK rain rates is constructed from British Atmospheric Data Centre and ITU data. A full explanation is given in (legacy) paper RSSP(05-01)/42, available from Ofcom on request.

UK Microwave Link Planning

Planning of Microwave Links requires understanding of Microwave Propagation. For frequencies above 10GHz, rain fade is significant and needs to be taken into account. Modern Microwave Planning tools can incorporate this data and calculations to achieve Availability Calculations for microwave links deployed in all regions worldwide.

Data is from regulator OFCOM document:
“OfW 446: Technical Frequency Assignment Criteria for Fixed Point-to-Point Radio Services with Digital Modulation “

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